Monday, June 8, 2009

June 08

June 08
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Oh hello there, forgotten blog.

So I've been busy. Attempting to get ready for Vancouver, which is now in just over a week, working on various things around the house, trying to pull a manuscript out of my thesis (though some would argue that I'm pulling it out of... somewhere else)... It's been keeping me pretty full.

Tomorrow is round 14 of chemo. I'm back to only needing about 10 hours of sleep per night, now, but the week after, I find I need about 13 to function.

I've always hated chemotherapy, but before, I really felt like it did some good. Now it just makes me miserable and tired and useless. Pooey. But I'd be lying if I said I don't look forward to a couple of days of sitting on the couch, catching up on some movie watching. I've been way too busy.

I suspect the blogging thing is more or less up for me. I'm sure it's not the last update, and for all I know, my life might become more exciting and I'll write more, but since the cancer thing is done -- and by no means am I sad about that -- I just don't have much to say, anymore. At least not to the masses.

I started to write here because I wanted to help others in my shoes. I've lamented over this before -- especially with lymphoma, there are no resources. I've encountered maybe three other people who have/had the same cancer over the last eight months, and not one of them in person. I wanted to provide a bit of a safe haven, if I may be so grandiose. I wanted to help people understand that it's not the end of the world. Or maybe warn them that it is, in case things went to hell for me.

Perhaps as a function of both my tenacious desire for privacy/anonymity, and some self deprecating notion that my life is boring, I don't really feel comfortable writing about every detail.

I'm trying to piece my life back together now. I know I'm jumping the gun, because I've yet to even finish chemotherapy. I've got one more month and a day. I don't even feel like "cancer boy" anymore. After this, I can't even pass as "chemo lad".