Tuesday, May 5, 2009

May 05

May 05
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And a customarily belated update.

- Melissa and I are going to Vancouver! I'm presenting some research at a conference, and it sounds like a great excuse to a) meet up with some of Melissa's relatives in BC, b) check out the UBC campus, and c) travel a bit!
- Fatigue is really setting in. I need a minimum of 10 hours of sleep per night.
- ...

You know, I thought I'd have more to say.

So it goes. It goes. ... Shrug?


Daria said...

Where do the find the strength to travel after all that chemo ...

I wish you lots of strength and energy ... and healing.

Holly said...

i miss you cutie pie! come to Los Angeles and give a talk here!!

S. F. Heron said...

Gosh Armand, I don't even like to travel to pick Steffie up from school. You're a trooper even though you look very mad in your picture today.


Alicia said...

Hello Armand...

Good for you!! My son and I were talking and as soon as this chemo crap is done we are taking off for Japan. I was there 2 years ago, didn't take him, he was not happy!! lol. It something to look forward to, that is the goal I am aiming for....

Glad you posted even a couple of sentences.... Alicia Xx

deborah d. lattimore said...

you go, boy! xoxox

imBeth said...

Vancouver is beautiful, one of my favorite cities to visit... Have a great time and I hope it brings you energy!

Gazelle said...

Enjoy! A change of scene (and sharp breath of crystal air) sounds ideal. My mom was born and raised in Vancouver. Such a beautiful city. I miss those mountains and the sheltering waters.

What sort of research do you conduct?

Armand said...

Daria: I've never been known to take no for an answer. I find that by this point, it's 40% ability, and 60% determination.... And I'm tired of feeling like I've been screwed over... So I just push past the fact that I'm sick. It's working so far, but alas... Thanks!

Holly: Now if only I could get the University to pay for that flight too... :p

Sharon: Not mad... DANGEROUS! :p

Alicia: Oh, Japan. I took a Japanese class in the last term of my undergrad. Yeah, that tanked my average.

Deborah: It's what I do!

Beth: Many thanks. I can't wait!

Gazelle: I've never been to Vancouver before. I can't wait to see it. Research-wise, the stuff I'm presenting is a study we've conducted on learning methods -- relative benefits/drawbacks of online versus face-to-face methods, etc. My other research job is all social psych stuff, and we're looking at hate, evil, self, etc. Fun stuff! :)

Anonymous said...


Very nice of you to reply.
Hang in there - DON'T GIVE UP THE FIGHT!
I expect to see you writing new memoirs on your progress and recovery. And i'm sure it will have good entertainment value too bro.

All the very best