Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Apr. 29

Apr. 29
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Eleven rounds of chemo down.

Had visit with the doc on Monday. She says I very well might end up with an additional four rounds, bringing my total to 16. Not happy.

Will redo CT and gallium scan. Foremost, gallium must show no cancer. Then, I can only hope that CT will show no decrease. No decrease means that lymph nodes are the size they are, and chemo is not affecting that anymore. That means chemo's done all it can do, and it's up to the body to reabsorb scar tissue. That means chemo ends on the 12th of May.

If lymph nodes decreased, then I need the extra four rounds, because chemo is still working, just too fucking slow.

Not happy.

If gallium shows cancer, then, well, then I'm fucked.

Stick this in your ear:
Crystal Castles - Crimewave
Does it Offend You, Yeah? - Being Bad Feels Pretty Good
Does it Offend You, Yeah? - We Are Rockstars

Also, Crank: High Voltage is great.


Holly said...

Thank goodness you are back posting - I was begining to have a hard time controlling my anxiety about what was going on with you...12 rounds of chemo - I could barely get through really are a superhero! That gallium scan better have the right results....

Deltcho said...

When are the scans??

deborah d. lattimore said...

you look magnificent in blue. xoxo

imBeth said...

Hi Armand, I found your blog through your posts on some other people's blogs (breast cancer). I started at the beginning of your 'adventure' - thanks for writing it all down. I am getting my port in on Friday, and start chemo next week, so appreciate your comments about it all.

Your 'why me' post and everyone's comments to that - that's where I am stuck. Why me, it makes me angry. I'm 43 (not quite as young as you) and am the healthy one - good living habits, yet here I'm the one with cancer.

Thanks and good luck... Beth.

Corrine said...

Fingers crossed for you! Hopefully it's just scar tissue and you can get back to your regular life. Very soon you are going to be able to say, I HAD cancer. Do something you enjoy everyday until the scan; there is no point worrying about something you can't control (HAHAHAH coming from that's fairly hilarious).

Armand said...

Holly: I'm just finding it hard staying in "cancer-ville".. The blog's starting to lose its appeal, as it's just "more cancer stuff" I'd rather not see. As for 12 rounds of chemo, well, I'm just trying to keep the doc from yelling at me. :)

Deltcho: One's on the 8th, I think (the CT), the other on the 12th, before my (hopefully) last round of chemo. That one's gonna be a lot of fun, I'll be at the hospital from 8:30 until hell knows when. First a 2.5 hour scan, then chemotherapy. Ugh.

Deborah: Why thank you. As luck would have it, the Hodgkin's ribbon is violet, so that's kinda close ;)

Beth: I've never really stopped asking that. I've found some resolve along the way, but I still don't understand why I had to get sick. I guess instead of finding an answer, I've just learned to accept it. Shit happens. It's no easier. Good luck, Beth. You're among friends.. Sickly, weak, grumpy, sick-of-chemo friends :)

Corrine: Haha, thanks. Yeah, every day is filled with a new crisis -- er, adventure :)