Friday, November 21, 2008

Nov. 21

Nov. 21
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Decided to sit out on work today.

One of the first notable symptoms of Hodgkin's, that I then attributed to a cold I couldn't shake off, was recurrent, drenching night sweats. It's less pleasant than it sounds. Waking up every few hours in a cold puddle is... disheartening.

I guess one of the few positive aspects (if you could call it positive) is that of late, it hasn't been happening every night. It's mostly every second or third night, which means I can actually get some rest every few days. The fact that I'm an extremely light sleeper is not helping my cause at all.

Last night was one of the worst nights in recent memory, and left me pretty exhausted. Ergo, after driving Melissa to work, I came home and took another drenching nap. Did I mention that cancer sucks?

Okay, well, I'm now in close proximity with my parents, and I'm about to discuss the option of clinical trials. Wish me luck.

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