Sunday, November 23, 2008

Nov. 23

Nov. 23
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Once again, I got nothing accomplished today. I slept until 2pm, did a couple of things, was in bed again from 4 until 5, and now I've had too much caffeine. But fuck it, for once I feel like I have some energy (too bad it's so damned late... I have yet to fix the timestamps on the blog, but it's now actually 11:38pm), and I feel, I don't know... happy?

I had a good day. In the two hours of alertness before I picked Melissa up from work, I spent some time with my father, which is something I haven't done in... too long? One of the curious side-effects of the crazy weightloss I've experienced is that my feet shrank about an entire size. Also, my shoes were on the, how do you say, "ratty" side. So, my father and I went out and found me a pair of appropriately-sized pontoons, and then had lunch together at Quiznos. It was much fun...

Later on I went out for coffee with Rob, and as though that wasn't enough of a bad idea (the coffee, not meeting with Rob), I had a few chocolate-covered espresso beans to boot. It's sad that it takes enough caffeine to resurrect Vincent Price to get me to feel happy and *gasp*, alive, but fuck it, I'm riding this one until I crash (I give myself 20 minutes).

So, I had a small mountain of work to do this weekend, and I got less than a molehill accomplished, and I'll be crying tomorrow as I try to crunch it all in, but in the words of Morrissey, "And I'm, not sorry for, for the things I've done."


Rob said...

11:38, you say?..... THIRTY EIGHT!!!

deborah d. lattimore said...

i love your writing and i adore your sense of humor