Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Nov. 25

Nov. 25
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Blogging from work today. Mostly because I figure the rest of the day will be spent in a depressive, sleepy haze.

HOLY SHIT MY NECK HURTS. A LOT. I can no longer turn my head to the left more than about 45 degrees, or even lift my left arm properly. Oh yeah, tilting my head to the right is completely out of the question. I first thought I was sleeping funny, on account of the fact that I've been sleeping with a pillow lately, despite the fact that I never use one. I went back to not using one last night, and nope. It's just getting worse. Cancer sucks.

Okay, I think tea water is done heating in the disgusting, disgusting kettle. I don't think I can drink that. I don't want some viral infection on top of everything.

Only 3 more hours before it's disease time, all the time! (aka, seeing doc).

Also, I've begun to instinctively flip off the cancer center every time I drive by it. Good start.

I really don't feel like writing this, but I'll toss it out while it's still relatively fresh...

Thursday, nov. 27: bone marrow biopsy
Friday, nov. 28: MUGA scan, and first part of a gallium scan.
Tuesday, dec. 2: Intro to chemotherapy info session, second part of gallium scan.
Wednesday, dec. 3: Income maintenance & Drug coverage info session
Monday, dec. 8: more blood work, doc's appointment re: chemotherapy
Tuesday, dec 9: chemotherapy round one
Tuesday, dec 23: chemotherapy round two

No radiation therapy for me, it seems, and that puts me at ease. Doing ABVD chemo. 12 sessions. Cancer sucks.


Deltcho said...

The neck thing is a bit weird. I had the same thing happen to me last week when I had some god-awful flu. I had no energy and my neck was extremely sore for no reason. Hopefully you don't have what I had. (Interestingly enough, I got it the day after I last saw you...)

Michelle said...

watch out Delcho you caught his cancer lol
I had the swelling lymph nodes in first year when I had mono, I put off going to the doctor so long that the nurse screamed when I turned my head so it showed, of course she was a health services nurse so that level of professionalism is to be expected

Armand Munteanu said...

I got super hell extra cancer: it stalks its prey!

And not to freak you out, Michelle, but the Epstein-Barr virus (Mono) is associated with Hodgkin's. GET TESTED IF YOU SEE ANYTHING RESEMBLING A LUMP! THIS REALLY STINKS!!