Friday, January 2, 2009

Jan. 02

Jan. 02
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My nose is runny and cracking. I'm afraid I'm getting a cold, and that makes me very unhappy.

I know my sleep's been rather lacking lately, and I'm hoping that was the sole reason behind it, but today I slept in like mad. Then again, this is when my red counts are down to all hell, again, so that might explain it, too.

I'm supposed to head back to work and real life on Monday, but my schedule is like this:

Monday: bloodwork, meeting with the doc
Tuesday: chemo
Thursday: port insertion
Friday: follow-up

Yeah, world, I swear, I'm still capable and productive.

Done some good cookin' today. Yummy snack: sunflower seed whole wheat bread + La Sauvagine brie + finely chopped portobello under the broiler = crazy delicious.

Addendum:Fuck you, media. I'm watching TV. I never watch TV. But I accidentally selected the "program channel" button on my TV, and it scanned for all channels within reception. Keep in mind, I don't even have rabbit ears on my TV, so I get, in theory, 3 channels. One comes in that is remotely watchable. Anyway, I've got it droning in the background while I'm catching up on emails, etc. It's some craptacular crime drama. One of the victims, though? Oh yeah, she had stomach cancer. It spread to other organs. Hair falling out from chemo. Fuck you, cancer, fuckyoufuckyoufuckyou! Stop following me around!


Tori said...

You're mad for portabello mushrooms lately.

Sorry to read about the schedule from hell next week... yeeuugh.

Random sidenote: the word verification for this comment is "anita". Bunnnyyyyyy...

Holly said...

you are making me hungry Armand! glad you've go the energy and creativity to cook something so very "delish" about the schedule for next week.......blech...sounds horrid. sending warm hug from Hollywood.

Armand said...

Tori: Yeah, I love the portobellos. Then again, K-W's high class and abundant culture ensures I have roughly three options for fresh mushrooms at most grocery stores, being portobello, cremini, and white button. It's mostly a matter of convenience, really, but it's a very versatile mushroom. *nods* Also, yes, bunny. Any news on the kittens?

Holly: So far, I'm having an easy enough time with chemo. No real life disruption, at least as far as domestic life is concerned. Here's hoping...

Tori said...

Re: kittens, brother says he'll get back to me when he finds out what his schedule will be like for the summer. He's grown pretty attached to them, I think.

I've never done a survey of mushroom varieties in Guelph, but I do live next to Food Basics, so it would probably be a waste of time there anyways. It's pretty ghetto.