Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Jan. 07

Jan. 07
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I have a new friend. Let's call her... Uhm... Ivy...? (Hurr hurr... IV... Ivy... Get it?).

Oh, good ol classical conditioning. I feel nauseous even looking at that pic.

Actually, I feel a bit nauseous right now. Ugh. Stupid chemotherapy.

Went to work today. That was nice. It's great to find meaning in what you do, no matter what that may be. It's somehow very fitting, and somehow very macabre, but I'm TAing a Psychology of Death and Dying class this term. Today was the first class, and in my little introductory speech, I pointed out that I'm undergoing chemotherapy. I can hope it makes me somewhat more approachable to students who are dealing with similar issues, and I hope I didn't invite boundary-crushing crap, but we'll see what adventures time shall bring.

Chemo sucked, yesterday. I'm trying to remember the order of the drugs I got. The last one, which I thought was Doxorubicin (but it ain't!), resulted in HOLY SHIT FUCKING PAIN in my arm. That wasn't too good. Reading up on the ABVD drugs now, I realize it's not the Dox. The Dox, however, is also nicknamed the Red Devil, or Red Death. And it makes my pee pink.

I think it was the Dacarbazine. Either way, it sucks.

I really wish I hadn't gotten this stupid cold overtop of the sickness. My lips are cracked and I've got a fucker of a sinus infection. Blowing yellow snot does not add to my dwindling general feeling of health and happiness.

It is what it is. Only four more months. And a week. After that, it's a new life... The day I finish, which I hope will be on or around May 12th, will be my unofficial new birthday.

Speaking of birthday... Which, in my chemotherapy-induced quasi-schizophrenic state, made me think of birthday prezzies, I realize I've neglected to mention the wealth of gifts I've received from friends and the like, over the last couple of months. For once, I won't be a prick about it, and just say thanks :)

Tomorrow I see one of the hospital social workers about the drug plan stuff. Submitting receipts, etc. After that, I go for my surgery. Hurray port-a-cath. Then, I hope to get some groceries, and then, it's more bad movies for me. Among a couple others, I finally watched From Dusk Till Dawn yesterday. I cannot stress how ridiculously awesomely awful that movie is. If you've got some brain cells to kill, I highly recommend it.


Holly said...

i'm awake - do you want to call me...818-982-1980

Holly said...

honey - you probably did get doxyrubicin which is a cousin to adriamyacin - they all make us pee pink..i thought the pink was for breast cancer - but i guess not!!

Anonymous said...

ivy is hot, hook me up

Armand said...

Holly: Thank you for your generosity. I was asleep by the time you posted your comment, and I've saved your number. I've deleted it off the blog, however. I'm pretty cautious about privacy, etc., and I wouldn't want you ending up getting harassed or something. Call me crazy. And yes, I did get the dox, but that's not what made me hurt. I'll try to figure it out next time. Ugh. Don't even want to think about next time. Also, we get our own ribbon, you know? Violet. Hmm. Methinks they're running out of colours. ;)

Anonymous: Egad, you do not wanna get hooked up with her!! :p