Saturday, January 10, 2009

Jan. 09

Jan. 09
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I thought that by delaying this entry, I might get the chance to write it while I've a) stopped wanting to set the hospital on fire, or at the very least b) no longer feel nauseous. I need only think of chemotherapy, and I begin feeling ill. That's some hell of a Pavlovian response I've got going nowadays.

I figured out why life sucks so much this round. First round of chemo, I was about 165lbs. It sucked. Second round of chemo, I was about 170lbs, but they didn't adjust for that... Lower chemo to body mass ratio. They re-adjusted for my newfound 176lb weight. And hooo boy... I am miserable.

Quarter of the way through... All I can hope is that I can get away with the 6 cycle protocol, not the 8. An extra four doses of this, and I might as well give up now.

Happy thoughts all around.

I'll try to catch up on comments and emails tomorrow. Once again, thank you for all your kind words and thoughts.


deborah d. lattimore said...

you had me laughing with (a) and cursing with (b). are you eating ginger candies and drinking ginger peach tea? i hear it helps with nausea, and you can believe i have a ton of it in my pantry just in case. if only it were that simple. i start chemo in 4 days. in honor of that occasion, i know there's a med onc somewhere in this line-up of voodoo dolls, and i plan to get one.

will be joining you in nausea land soon. hang in there.

Armand said...

Ginger might help, but I hate the taste. Oh, I hate it so. When it comes to wintery spices, I'm definitely rooting for Team Cinnamon. Fuck the gingerbread men. Fuck them in their crumbly arses!

There. I said it.

Also: HOLY CRAP! Those voodoo dolls are freakin' adorable!

deborah d. lattimore said...

hahahaha! i hate ginger too, but i have a feeling i will be bowing down to it soon!