Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Jan. 28

Jan. 28
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So tired. Super long day. Great day, but so busy... Here's point form, to be elaborated at a later date:

- Dropped off lease application
- Pat did an 180 on the pills. Gonna see how things go for a while... If life continues to be manageable, I might not require drugs. That'd be nice.
- Well-Fit today. Amazing. Did a bunch of strength training exercises which left me shaking and in pain, but sort of balanced it with a full half hour on the exercise bike.
- I feel like I've been beaten all over, after that workout. It's awesome. I've missed self-induced physical exhaustion, as opposed to the fatigue I've been feeling.
- I want to fill out a living will.
- I want to research green burials.

The latter two are not associated with my current state, but rather with the Psychology of Death and Dying class that I TA.

My arm hurts a bit worse, after the workout. I don't really care. I'm going to pass out now.


Nico said...

Good to see you had a good day!

I work tonight at 17:30 and likewise tomorrow, but we can go out either afternoon... Sorry I didn't get back to you about coffee, but it's been the week of unexpected extra crap to do :(

Anonymous said...

i heard about something called natural burials, i really liked the idea. So i looked into it and told my family thats what i wanted. Basically, they wrap your body in a shroud and bury in a natural setting (forest, meadow and the like), there usually is no grave marker. This idea seemed perfect for me, however currently there it cannot be done in canada, so i was a little dissapointed. But who knows what will happen in the comming years.

deborah d. lattimore said...

i told my kids i want to die before i'm 65 because that's when my life insurance ends (unless i extend it for a ridiculous amount of money). i mean, if cancer is going to come back, let it come back before 65 (although, crap, that's only ten years away - damn, i'm old!!). but if not, then we've joked about natural ways to die so they can still get the life insurance. we talked about "going fishing" and freezing in a lake, but drowning is too scary. so we decided on freezing in the mountains. matt said, "we'll take a little hike and then i'll lean you up against a tree." we laugh a lot about that. i've always been obsessed with death. i just didn't think i'd see it so in my face like this.

you sound GREAT!!

Corrine said...

I also heard about green burials, but personally I say -donate it all!

Organ donation for those who need it and the rest to medical schools for students to learn with/on (ever wonder where cadavers in labs come from? They're donated).

No yucky chemicals, no huge cost to my family, no plot of land that could be used for a park, reforestation, playground etc.

Armand said...

Nick: I'll give you a call tomorrow evening. Maybe a late coffee, etc?

Anonymous: I'm hoping it'll pick up around these here parts.

Deborah: Haha, that's cold (no pun intended). I always hoped I'd die via meteor. Wouldn't even see it coming, and a pretty awesome and rare death.

Corrine: Well, I don't think they'll take my organs... And medical schools, they cremate the bodies after they're used for examination. I'm really not liking the whole greenhouse gas thing, that goes with cremation. I figure I might as well feed some plants, once I'm dead. Hopefully all this is a while off, but I might try to come to a decision within the coming months, so I can work out a will.