Monday, January 5, 2009

Jan. 05

Jan. 05
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Judging by my oft-furrowed brow, I'm starting to think I'm developing a perma-scowl. I wonder why that would be.

I went to the hospital today for blood work and a meeting with my doc. Got some work done in between my appointments... The awesomeness of real life is setting in, again. My holiday vacation certainly was very un-vacation-like.

I have a really great doctor, and I really must be thankful for that. She's very encouraging, and I'm glad to have her on my side. She said I'm making good progress, and hopes I'll be done after six cycles. One down, five to go. I guess that means two rounds of chemo down, ten more to go. Stupid cancer.

After two more cycles (four rounds, 56 days), I'll have a new CT and gallium scan. If those show that there is no more lymphoma, I'll be done by May. May... If all goes well, May 12 I get my last round of chemotherapy. May 12 I can say I kicked cancer's ass. May 12 I get to not be cancer boy anymore.


Some days I wonder if I'll ever stop being cancer boy. It's such an integral part of my identity now, that I think I might just grieve the loss of hospitals and needles and sickness.

Or not.


Anonymous said...

Hi there, new acquaintance. Nothing about cancer is fun, but counting down chemos is fun. Nothing about cancer makes sense, either. You look good near-bald. Take care, Kathy

Amy White said...

I am a thyroid cancer survivor and I know how much cancer totally sucks. I found tons of support and help from I'm Too Young For This ( I also blog although now that I am out of treatment it's really more about my boring life but I would rather be boring than in treatment! Keep the faith - you can beat this.

deborah d. lattimore said...

after may, we will know you as "the bestselling author who used to be cancer boy!" we'll buy you a cape to wear. :)

Anonymous said...

And then I'll buy a matching cape and be you for Halloween! I'll just make a few scowl marks on my forehead... ;)

Looooove you :P

Holly said...

ah Armand....the journey continues and you keep putting one foot (wobbly though it may be) in front of the other...good for you...i am cheering you on and giving you gentle cyber hugs..

Ally said...

I only know you through your blog which I discovered thanks to deborah but I do hope today wasn't too bad for you.
Truckloads of good vibrations.

Armand said...

Kathy: Thank you... It's taking some getting used to, and in fact, I frequently run my hands over my scalp muttering "fuzzy", but it's all part of the experience, right?

Amy: Thanks for your comment. I've looked through imtooyoungforthis before, and I read some people's blogs once in a while... They're doing a great thing, and if nothing else, they sell some pretty funny t-shirts :p

Deborah: A cape? Well, I was saying earlier on, how I plan to become Batman. I mostly meant in terms of being super-healthy and determined and organized... But a cape would be pretty freakin' sweet, too.

Wendy: Magic Marker works pretty well, and washes off the next day :p

Holly: Thanks! :)

Ally: Thanks for your comment and your support. Chemo sucked as much as ever. In fact, a bit worse than ever. I can only hope it's only today that's a write-off, and tomorrow I go back to being semi-functional.