Friday, January 16, 2009

Jan. 16

Jan. 16
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Had my dressing change today. The rather un-talkative yet quite capable (which is infinitely better than the alternative) nurse used a ton of solvent to get the dressing off my chest. I kept giggling, because I kept thinking of the "man-o-lantern" scene in the 40 Year Old Virgin. I tried finding a clip, but to no avail. To those who have yet to see Steve Carell get his chest waxed, I highly recommend it. Hi-larious.

Anyway, all that's healing up along nicely, they say. I'm glad for that... I guess I will have to get chemo in the arm again, though -- it'll be too soon to use the port. I'll ask them to run some extra saline or something, because my right arm fucking HURTS. If they mess up my left arm as well, I'm screwed. I guess I better learn to colour with my feet... Then I'll be like a little chimpanzee... Not quite as hairy, but just as rabid.

Cue chimp noises and poo-flinging. Maybe that's a tactic I'll try next time I go in for chemo. Jump up on a gurney and make monkey noises. They might give me some more of that vicadin-like sedative. Ah, how sweet it is.


Holly said...

hey - no need to be down - you're not screwed - you've still got two good legs to use for chemo, an umiblicus and several other choice spots till the port is ready!!

Anonymous said...

Man, seriously, I've just been thinking about how incredibly shitty this all is and I can't help but think that you've been way better at dealing with this than I would be. Love you. See you tonight, I hope. Oh, also, I think Becca, Symron (forearm girl) and I might be going to Starlight later in the night if you'd like to join, if not than dinner shall be grand!

deborah d. lattimore said...

monkey man! poo-flinging! yeah, for sure that's a good way to get the vicadin without having to ask! but the straitjacket might get a little uncomfortable. :)

Armand said...

Holly: That's no consolaaaatttiiiioooooooooonnnn!!!!

Wendy: You're sweet. Let's hope you don't have to find out for yourself... But it's amazing how you learn to brush stuff off once you're in the midst of it.

Deborah: Some call it a straightjacket, others call it bondage gear. It's all a matter of perspective...