Monday, December 8, 2008

Dec. 08

Dec. 08
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Another day, another... uhm... something unpleasant.

Hospital fun today. Got my first round of meds before chemo, and they came up to something around 200. I'm applying for the Trillium Drug Plan, because $200x12treatments=$2,400. Oh, life, you so funny.

I'm glad, because I don't really have to worry about the financial aspect of things, even if I can't get the drug plan, what with my parents and all, but fuck. As though this couldn't be more of a burden.

One of the meds (allpurinol, I believe it's called) is essentially gout medication. Do I have gout? No. Will I develop gout? Likely! You see, when lymph nodes shrink as a result of chemotherapy, they release a lot of uric acid. Excess uric acid leads to gout, and gout leads to pain. So much for ambition...

Finally, my doctor also prescribed a 10-day course of antibiotics, as I think I'm developing a cough.

To quote the dude from Superbad: "Fuck my life."

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off for my last supper.


Anonymous said...

Well, I'm glad everything seems to be just a horrible as before. Seems everything is in line.

I also think my attempts at jokes may or may not be funny, but we'll see - you'll have to let me know.

Also, I hope tomorrow doesn't suck the shits too much, give me a call if you want to.

Deltcho said...
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Deltcho said...

Why doesn't OHIP cover your meds? Whatever happened to free healthcare?

Maybe you can try something like this if all else fails:

The website is not really helpful but maybe e-mailing the Insurance Consultant might be fruitful...

I'm not sure how much the UW alumni health-plan would cover for meds, but it might be better than nothing.

Armand said...

Wendy: Yeah, I think if life stopped crapping on me, I might worry.

Deltcho: OHIP only covers mandatory meds, such as my actual chemo. These "optional" drugs, that keep me from throwing up for three days, are considered superfluous. Thus, OHIP covers squat.

The Trillium Drug Program has only a $350 deductible, on account of me making so little money. It kinda works out...

Anonymous said...