Monday, December 1, 2008

Dec. 01

Dec. 1
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You know, I feel like I need a haircut. However, I don't think it's necessary, given the circumstances. 8 days until I start chemotherapy. On the 8th day of Christmas my hematologist gave to me, one major dose of ABVD. *bows* Thank you, thank you.

I'm having some truly strange dreams lately. For example, I had a nap earlier, and I dreamt I had a cake box on the floor in the back of my car. When I look again, it was smeared all over the back seat. If you want some cake, I think it might still be there...

That dream wasn't that bad, though. Weird, but not bad. I dreamed earlier that I was menaced by an oversized fox, and the only way I could keep it at bay was to occasionally flail my arms upward, and for some reason think of Peter Gabriel lyrics.

Then there was the train station/weeping/Buddhist monk dream, but that's just weird.

Tomorrow I have my Intro to Chemotherapy seminar, and my Gallium scan. I don't look forward to either of them... Still frustrated... It'll be almost a month since I got diagnosed, until I will receive treatment, and I can feel myself getting worse each day. The pain in my neck is increasing, and the T3s they gave me hurt my stomach. So it's either stomach or neck pain. Neither is good. Also, my energy is shot, and it's getting worse on a daily basis. I'm in bed at, if not shortly after, 9pm. Cancer sucks.


Nico said...

Ah sh*t, treat yourself to a fucking haircut if you like. Who the f*ck cares if it's really necessary. If it'll make you feel a bit better, then it's entirely necessary, as far as I can see.

Cut your hair, put on a shirt and tie... even a suit... whatever you feel like to make yourself feel even a smidgeon better NOW.


Epic*~ said...

I quite liked your song Armand. If you did the whole 12 days you'd have a hit on your hands!

Thinking of you (I know it sounds lame and contrived, but I am).