Friday, December 12, 2008

Dec. 12

Dec. 12
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Okay... Chemo... Not so cool. Imagine being very, very drunk, but with a rather clear mind (for the most part). Butterflies in the stomach and shaky knees... And everything tastes like dreams.

In other, non Timothy Leary news, lookit my neck! LOOKIT! The swelling's gone down a whole lot. Still no clavicles in sight, but you'll have to take my word for it. No topless pics for you. Yet.

My head looks HUGE!


Tori said...

Tremble my earbulb!

Nico said...

You look good, kid!

Armand said...

Tori: Have you ever actually heard that song? It's priceless.

Nick: ... Thanks. That's not creepy at all. *awkward smile*

Michelle said...

Holy shit you have a neck! A really skinny neck!
looking forward to the topless pics looks like you lose a piece of clothing in every picture, can't be long now lol

Tori said...

I have indeed heard that song, you sent it to me once. Or maybe played it in the car when I was with you. Somethin. I found it most disturbing, as I recall :P