Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Dec. 23

Dec. 23
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Just had chemo. Don't like it. Going to stuff myself with vitamins and protein now while I still have an appetite.


Holly said...

ok armand - you got through it. hope the side effects are minimal. i was never bothered much by the chemo until a day or two afterwards. i felt emotionally wrought but phsyically fine until 24 - 48 hours later. the drugs are good friends for getting through this - emend, zofran - whatever they give you take it and keep taking it...love and gentle hugs from one of your chemo big sisters! (oops - i hate teh word verification today...diall..for some reason i first read it as "Die All" ugh...

Anonymous said...

I say it's time for a proverbial cuddle and a Die Hard marathon.
That's my suggestion. Feel free to cuddle my Christmas card.
Keep on keepin' on.

deborah d. lattimore said...

thinking of you xo

Armand said...

Holly: Hahaha... Apparently Blogspot has a sense of humor, too.

Kate: Yeah, I've been in a funk lately that makes regular old me seem like a cheery lad. I know it really doesn't matter on any other level but a symbolic fixation with a number, but I CANNOT wait for 2008 to just end already.

Deborah: Thanks ya much. Don't think about me too much though. That stuff'll give you nightmares.