Monday, December 29, 2008

Dec. 28

Dec. 28
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I think the numbness in my left hand is slowly going away, but instead I've been feeling pain in my right knee. Hurray for uric acid and gout. Only two more weeks of alopurinol, though. After that, my lymph nodes should be more or less back to normal, size-wise. Already my neck is pretty much back to its pencil-thin dimensions.

I'm kinda all over the place, lately. Very moody. Not a happy chappy. I don't know how much of that is because of physiological factors, and how much of it is purely psychological. Fun fun.

I want to read more. I have a stack of books friends have lent me, that I've yet to plow through. I also traded in a lot of old textbooks at the K-W Bookstore downtown today, and have quite the sizable store credit. I'd like to load up on photo/art books, however. I picked up a small Ashley Wood art book that was on sale, the other day, and I ordered the "Complete Popbot" book online, at last. God Bless his smutty, robot and zombie-ridden soul.

On a final note, and this will likely be a recurring theme... I wonder why people are so afraid of confronting negative attitudes and feelings. I know there is a hefty body of research that shows the links between affect and illness perceptions, and prognosis. However, there is research to document the fact that unrealistic expectations, and unwarranted optimism ("objective optimism", I believe they called it) are damaging as well.

Too tired for a rant. It's way past my bed time.


deborah d. lattimore said...

i need a copy of that study so i can hang it around my neck and just flip it open every time i get another damn sugary positive pep talk. or maybe i can paste it on the end of a hammer. :)

Armand said...

I'll look through my notes from last year. I took a Social Psychology of Health Behaviour class in my last term. I should have the reference, if not the actual article.