Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Dec. 09

Dec. 09
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Go go gadget bedhead!

Started ye olde chemo today. So far so good. No real nausea or anything of the sort. Some massive fatigue, but that may have been last night's sleep, or stress, as well. Took a nap (hence the bedhead), and I think I'm fine.

Chemo got off to a bad start, but that's just how things go. The nurse accidentally went right through my vein (ouch #1), and hit a nerve in my wrist (ouch #2)... But it was smooth sailing from there on, I suppose.

I'm really considering a port-a-cath right now. It's a subdermal implant in the chest that gives them a line right into a main artery, and it minimizes the risk of vein damage. However, it also raises the risk of infection, as it is minor surgery. But I'd get to feel like an awesome cyborg, 'cause I'd have a "port".

Three last things of note. 1. Cancer patients are fucking annoying. Always living under the strange delusion that everyone wants to hear about their illness. (Haha, oh, the irony). 2. I'm having a very tough time with people. I'm getting the sense that I'm being seen as "damaged goods" or at the very least unable to take care of myself. 3. The african place downtown is officially on notice. I've tried to get food from them twice in the last week or so, and though they claim to be open, their doors show otherwise, and they have no hours posted!

Ooh, I think something's a-brewin'. Nausea med time, methinks.


Anonymous said...

My mom says, "Take the medicine even if you don't feel sick, take it when they've told you to take it because it'll keep the nausea away, this is your second mother speaking."

I'm glad it went alright :)

Nico said...

Nah, I still consider you to be the same old prick! And I mean that in the most loving way, truly. ;-)

I'm glad you're finally on the road to being the same old prick sans cancer, though. Here's to no more botched IV insertions! I think the port-a-cath isn't a bad idea, frankly - my late cousin had one, and it saved a lot of hassle - but only you can decide. In the end, if you aren't comfy with it, then that's just peachy.

As for the bedhead... ...ah fuck it, I think we'll let it slide. :-P

Deborah said...

hey,,, didnt that african place downtown close and move to the old Rockway Fish and chips place? I think so.
Hope you are coping! Not sure what to say! You arent damaged goods! :)

Armand said...

Wendy: Yeah, I'm taking the regular nausea meds (Kytril) on a regular basis, but I have another one on an "as I need it" basis. I try not to take it too often because it makes my stomach feel like it's burning with cold fire.

Nick: yeah, not sure about the port-a-cath. I'll see what the nurses say about my veins for the next few rounds, and then I'll make a decision... The idea of surgery at this stage is a bit daunting.

Deborah: Yeah, they're in the old rockway building, but they might as well be closed. Fuckers.

penguie said...

happy to hear you survived round one. Sucks that htey had issues getting the IV. I probably would have punched the nurse and asked to try inserting it myself :p
Any chance you can bring an iPod or a book to try to avoid listening to the other patients. Even if you slip on some earbuds that arent connected it might help hehehe (evil trick i do when commuting and have forgotten the tunes)
How do they do the portachath there? I thought up here they are done with some mild sedation in the interventional suite in the imaging department. Or I could be way off and just be thinking of PICC lines, but thought the others were like so too, hmmmm
oh well migraine-ish brain not thinking well but is indeed wishing you well