Monday, December 15, 2008

Dec. 15

Dec. 15
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Good good day today. First day back at work in a week, and it felt wonderful to actually do something. Managed a whole seven hours (which I haven't been able to do since about August), and still did a bunch of mostly useful stuff afterwards. Melissa and I are making progress (though really, I'm not much help...) in clearing out a bunch of extraneous stuff, as well as packing things up for the inevitable move, and it's nice to feel busy busy busy.

That's all. Bed now.


Nico said...

Great! Glad you could finally feel useful again. I know that that is of serious importance in terms of morale. Er... ...move? Huh? Do elaborate... This sounds exciting! Anything Ria & I can do to help with said eventual move would be gladly obliged, including lifting sundry stuff around and jam-pack-stuffing vehicles with the aid of shoehorns and other such implements. (My Golf is the shi(zni)t for moving - hatchbacks rule!)

penguie said...

my housemate is cooking bacon and for some reason I thought of you, as weird and random as that may be

glad you are feeling useful, always a good thing

Armand said...

Nick: Yeah, Melissa is looking to move closer to the university March-ish. I'm hunkering down with my parents through this crap. After that, we'll see. Prospective help is greatly appreciated.

Jen: It could be an SAT question... Smoke is to Fire as Bacon is to...