Monday, February 2, 2009

Feb. 02

Feb. 02
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I'm tired, and I'm surly. One is somewhat on account of the other.

A day in point form:
- Hospital, early on, for blood work.
- White count is low. What's new?
- Got prescription for "Magic Mouthwash" to help with mouth sores. Ugh. That still sounds disgusting.
- Asked doc to look at last week's chest xray, to see if she could spot any enlarged lymph nodes. She said as far as xrays went, it looked pretty good.
- Will have fluoroscopy soon to make sure port is in the right place, after all. Heart palpitations continue, and have only started when I got the port.
- Work was busy, but I had much energy.
- Well-Fit was great. Endurance was nearly double on all exercises, from last time.
- Went to the gym with Rob. 2.5 hour workout. Probably will be sore tomorrow, but I've got a week to recuperate.
- Met up with Melissa, and the three of us had dinner.
- Here I am, nearly forgot to blog.
- Am surly.
- Chemo in the morning.
- Surly.


wendy said...

And hairy! You've still got so much hair - that's awesome, mohawk man :D

Nico said...

I would expect no less of a hairy bastard such as Armand, Wendy!

Hope you don't feel too sh**ty this round buddy.

Tori said...

You're surly by default, even when you're healthy ;)

deborah d. lattimore said...

damn, you have so much energy! i walk half an hour and i have to go to sleep at 7 p.m.

surly becomes you. xoxox

Armand said...

Wendy: You should see my legs.

Nick: ... I got nothin'.

Tori: I turned it up to 11.

Deborah: Why thank you.. And it was nice while it lasted. Chemo made sure to take care of that.

Holly said...

o surly one - you are still much loved and admired....

Armand said...

Holly: Many thanks, much obliged :)