Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Feb. 03

Feb. 03
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Tomorrow is going to be a lump of ass.

- Surgery at 10:30 to adjust the port
- Meeting on main campus at 2:30
- Proctoring test at 7:00

Did I mention I had chemo today?

I suspect I might be dead by 9, then.

I'm considering taking next week off. Off from work, off from life. It's things like this that... well, maybe they didn't make me sick, but they sure as hell created fertile grounds.

*raises hand* I solemnly swear to not give myself 10 hour days after chemo, ever again.

Speaking of chemotherapy, that vicious bastard that it is, I feel like garbage. Suddenly fatigue hit a little while ago, and my guts feel like they're rotting from the inside.

Now if you'll excuse me, there are a number of students emailing me about missed lecture material, the night before the test. I'm off to ruin some lives.


Corrine said...

haha there was a reason I was NEVER a TA. I saw a quote once that went something like this

"poor planning on your part, does not automatically mean a crises for me"

I would put that on the bottom of every email I sent out to students LOL.

Tori said...

I have to admit, I kinda look forward to ruining lives that way, next year :P

Nico said...

Ruining lives, haha! You're evil. I love it. Corrine is correct, but then again, I am so excellent at planning! It's the execution that suffers.

And, at the risk of repeating myself... you poor fucker!

Take some time off, sure! Just don't withdraw totally. Still, this time is about healing yourself, which may involve telling the rest of the world to f*** off for a while. While this is a *bit* more self-centred than you're accustomed to being, if you don't have your health, you're kinda fux0red.

Once again, I tell you, middle finger standing proud!

Armand said...

Corrine: Students are fascinating. I'm trying to remind myself that the 99% of the students that do their work and fly under the radar are nevertheless the majority...

Tori: Once in a while, they thaw the old icy heart. Rarely.

Nick: Yeah, but then I tend to get rather full of the self-loathing once I start slacking. We'll see.