Saturday, February 14, 2009

Feb. 13

Feb. 13
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Friday the 13th. How appropriate.

Mood continues to slide.

Got one of the FUCK CANCER t-shirts from a shop downtown, where the organization (called "(whatever) cancer") has some stock. The thoroughly unhelpful and downright surly aging hipster running the joint made sure it was as unpleasant as possible, buying the shirt. I know many people in retail will comment on the number of asshole customers... But I'm also surprised at the number of assholes working retail.

Bed time. Let's see if the world finally explodes tomorrow.


Holly said...

so far...the world has NOT exploded...i would be so sad if it did before i actually have the chance to meet you in person...

Armand said...

Holly: Are you at all familiar with the Large Hadron Collider? :p