Monday, February 9, 2009

Feb. 08

Feb. 08
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I hate that whenever I try to blog through Flickr, it fails and eats my entries, and I hate that my memory is still too fucked up from the chemo to remember not to do it anymore!

I'm an irritable bag of ass! ARGH.



The entry was about me being the aforementioned bag of ass, though, so, it's no big loss.

Tomorrow is going to be such a long and crappy day... Ugh. Well-Fit tomorrow, though. I hope that'll put me in a better mood.


deborah d. lattimore said...

i hate chemo.

Ally said...

Bitching is good for your nerves...
Good luck for your crappy day tomorrow.
Love your new hairdo ;))

Armand said...

Deborah: God, I hate chemo. So fucking much. I don't even mind the cancer bit anymore. It's irrelevant... But chemo is a bitch.

Ally: Thank you, and thank you. And I hope it's good for the nerves, it's pretty much all I do nowadays :p