Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Feb. 09

Feb. 09
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Oh, I did it again. Lost another entry. I cannot stress how distressing I find the lack of a memory.

I kept forgetting stuff all day. Like, you know, going back to work to finish marking tests. Sorry about that...

The nagging feeling of "I'm forgetting something..." kinda dissipated in the middle of a 3-hour visit to ye olde gym today. I'll be feeling that tomorrow.

I had more to say. Hah. I forget...


Sahra said...

Hey Armand
I have been following your blog from afar for a while. Having myself had treatment for Hodgekins almost 3 years ago, all I can say is hang in there and the following...
c) venting is GOOD so vent away
d) the memory issues SUCK!

I wish I had blogged about my experience, i think it would have helped. I also think it's great that you are still working and doing WellFit. I couldn't continue in my line of work and I pretty much withdrew from everything and spent way too much time by myself which was badbadbad, but somewhere in there I developed some kind of mental strength that i didn't have before... Oh and, I actually missed chemo when they took it away...weird but true :)
So anyway, apologies for the babbling but I just wanted to let you know I was there(here) and wish you all the best.

wendy said...

POOP on your memory! I want to know your thoughts - I'm going into withdrawl because I've been addictively reading this every single night before I go to bed.

I will use my telekinesis to make you remember at 11pm tonight that the other site doesn't work. That's right. I have telekinesis.

Armand said...

Sahra: Thank you for your comment. It's always so wonderful and inspiring to hear that people make it through this. I was talking with a woman on palliative care for some other cancer, and she looked upset by the fact that for Hodgkin's, you have a minimum of 12 rounds of chemo, each two weeks apart. ... Yeah, it's great to hear people actually make it through this. Thank you.

Wendy: My memory's been pooped enough, thank you.

Man, I wish I had superpowers. Telekinesis would be useful...

Anonymous said...

you do have super powers.