Sunday, February 15, 2009

Feb. 14

Feb. 14
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Went by IKEA today to look for home furnishings, for our new place. Also went by Pacific Mall. One of the two was a waste of time. Hint: it wasn't IKEA.

Got a few cool things, and priced some many cool things. We haven't figured out exact costs, but we're looking at a fair bit of cash that we'll end up spending. Luckily, income tax rebates come soon. More info soon. Bed time now.


Rob said...

Don't you dare speak ill of pacific mall! And you didn't even mention krispy kreme!!

Anonymous said...

Love the mohawk. Keep on keepin on.

Armand said...

Rob: I try to forget about my shame.

Kathy: Why thank you. It needs some reinforcement, so to speak. I'll be taking care of that shortly.