Sunday, March 1, 2009

Mar. 01

Mar. 01
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I will once again whine about how these last two weeks flew right by, and I am nowhere near ready to go for another round of chemotherapy. I'm terrified of the very strong likelihood of nausea and/or vomiting. I just find it ironic that it's not the chemotherapy that'll be making me ill, but rather the heparin.

I go for bloodwork in the morning, and I'll ask them to draw from my arm. That allows me to a) stave off the heparin for another day, b) not have an uncomfortable chunk of plastic sticking out of my chest for over 24 hours and c) not deal with further welts and the such, as a result of my usual reaction to each and every fucking type of bandage.

Yes, I am complaining, but I'm not letting the following bring me down too much. I'm merely documenting...

The skin on my hands is fucking shot. It's dry and painful and cracking. I'm slathering on various hand creams and mositurizers, but it's not really helping for long. Ah well. Halfway through chemo and still no really ugly side-effects.


Anonymous said...

Hand help: buy a cheap-o pair of cotton mittens (clean socks work too!), some Vaseline Cocoa Butter or Neutrogenea Norwegian Formula Hand Cream (woo, capitalization) apply accordingly, wrap hands in plastic wrap, place in mittens, watch movie, remove. Do that a couple of times a weak, it'll help.
Love Kate, your fellow dry skin sufferer.

Elyse said...

Armand I'm sorry you keep having reactions to everything... lame. Burts Bees hand salve is pretty heavy duty. Body butter (I like the stuff from the body shop) is really nice too. Can't wait until May!!

Corrine said...

I second what Kate suggest, and if you can deal with it, slathering with vaseline, putting on mittens and heading to bed REALLY helps.

My hands crack to the point of bleeding from the chlorine at the Swimplex, and this is one of the best ways to clear it all up!

If you don't mind the smell, the Body Shop's Hemp oil is really good. Plus, you may want to switch to liquid body wash rather than bar soap or use baby soap!