Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mar. 25

Mar. 25
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At the gym, I learned that a) I've gained 10 lbs, and b) lost about 3 lbs of fat. That means in the past month, I've gained roughly 13 lbs of muscle. Oh rar. On my way to becoming Batman.

In Death and Dying we discussed Enneagrams. Actually, if you all wouldn't mind going to the site, taking the test, and letting me know what type you are, it would make things easier for me. That being said, Enneagrams are just about the only personality typology that I believe holds any water.

Learned many great truths about myself. Also getting a bit of an idea why I constantly say things like "Learned many great truths about myself", instead of approaching things like that, or, oh, you know, cancer, in a more genuine manner.

To wrap things up, I had dinner with a friend after class, which created many more thought bubbles... More processing to be done.

I like it when my brain works...


Anonymous said...

I took the free 38 question test and got a tie between "The Helper. The caring, nurturing type," and "The Generalist. The enthusiastic, productive type." The next runner up was "The Skeptic. The committed, security-oriented type."

What does that tell you about me? Which one did you get?

Deltcho said...

The leader: 6
The reformer: 6
The thinker: 5

And the rest were almost all 4s. I took that test about 2 years ago, and I got something totally different. Funny how things have shifted...

Magali said...

Type 9: The Peacemaker : 6
Type 5: The Thinker : 5
And reading the description, I must say that indeed, a mix of the two is just me ;-)

Tori said...

Tied between Type 5 (The Thinker) and Type 9 (The Peacemaker). It's crazy accurate...

Holly said...

ENFJ - I prefer the Meyers Briggs Typology Inventory....

deborah d. lattimore said...

that was fun. i'm type 8, a leader and aggressive. so i will start believing that from now on. :) i like astrology too. what is your sign? i'm libra.

Lisa said...

how fun!

skeptic - 7
artist (??!) - 5

Armand said...

Wendy: Hehe, I guess that fits. I would have had a hard time really guessing where you'd fit.

Deltcho: My brotha from anotha mutha. I used to score high on 1 (reformer) before I got sick. Now I lean more strongly toward 8 (leader).

Magali: There's a lot to these Enneagrams, and there's stuff on how certain types will gravitate toward others when essentially "doing well", and others when not. It's kinda fun to track it.

Tori: I was writing down friends' names in class, when we were going over the types, and I definitely put your name beside the 9.

Holly: I like the MBTI in theory, but I find that many of the items are very subjective to behavioural patterns, and they're not that great for high self-monitoring individuals. Before I got sick, I was an INTJ. I wonder if that changed, given that my Enneagram types shifted.

Deborah: I'm a virgo. I guess virgos would probably fit more as type 4s, so that's accurate, to some degree, for me. As for your being an 8, I believe it. You're a strong-minded lady, you are! :)

Lisa: Take pride in being a 6. You're one of the few :)

Renee said...

Type 7: The Generalist (8)
Type 2: The Helper (6)
Type 1: The Reformer (5)

I found myself wanting to take the test twice - as I was at 31 years and now at 54 years of age. (Major life events at 32 & 53 years of age that changed my outlook on life).

Very interesting. Thanks for sharing!


Anonymous said...

The Artist:7
The Skeptic:6
The Helper:6

This is Michele btw.. rly interesting stuff, glad u posted this!!