Monday, March 9, 2009

Mar. 08

Mar. 08
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Weekend gone, all too soon.

Tomorrow's a busy day. I'm hoping to magically figure out the SSRI conundrum. On one hand, I'm loopy. On the other, I've got less than ten weeks of chemotherapy left. I want to just wait it out, because I don't want to a) risk the side-effects, and b) have to go through the whole process of weaning myself off them. But again... I'm loopy.

Today's song recommendation is the song Ulysses, by Franz Ferdinand. I'm seeing good ol Franz Ferdinand on May 4th. Jeaaaalouuus?


Magali said...

Not jealous, I'm see Bruce Springsteen on July 10th hiiiiiii
You should have seen me when I got the tickets, I was hysterical!! A really sixteen-year old ;-)

I see what you mean about the SSRI... I guess that maybe if it does make the last ten weeks of treatment a little better it might be worth the try... and maybe if the dose is not too high, there won't be that many side effects and weaning yourself off them won't be that hard...
Then again, I don't know, I have absolutely no idea what you're going through so...

Anonymous said...

Hehehehe - so excited!!

Armand said...

Magali: I've heard from two separate people that Bruce Springsteen was the best show they've ever been to. Apparently he does a great job, so, I'm kinda jealous, in turn!

Wendy: eeeeeee, etc.