Thursday, March 26, 2009

Mar. 26

Mar. 26
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Just a feeew more hours until I see my doc.

I can honestly say that I did not put off hearing the results from my CT scan out of fear. I'm planning to be done on May 12th. Best case scenario, that just gets confirmed by the doctor. Worst case scenario, that doesn't happen. Why have her rain on my parade a few days early? The verdict's not gonna change.

So unlike me...

Speaking of which. As a follow-up to the Enneagrams. I'm type 5, 8, and 4. Funny. Before I got sick, I was 1 and 4. As per last night's Death and Dying lecture, 1s often have trouble dealing with others' grief, and often will come across as insensitive. I think this cancer thing has been a very humbling experience, and has taught me to better relate to people. In other words, it kicked the 1 out of me.


Holly said...

Helper, Motivator, Reformer...guess it makes sense that i am a social worker.....

Michelle said...

the big 5 and attachment typologies seem to work all right as well.
I took it once with the old test and once with the new test.
with the old I tied as 7 and 2 and the new test I got 4 then 7 then 2. So I guess I'm an enthusiastic helper whose artistic ability can be questioned.

Keehan said...

I am a 3 and a 4.