Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mar. 14

Mar. 14
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Point form:

- Went to Toronto
- Saw Bloc Party live. Very good. Opening act, Holy Fuck, was also very, very good.
- Have more work to do than I have energy.
- Went to gym. Cycling class = fun + evi. Fevil?
- Fatigue is setting in. No longer feeling muscle fatigue at the gym, but rather beginning to feel overall tired and occasionally light-headed.
- CT scan on Monday. Blech.


S. F. Heron said...

Fevil. I like that :)

I need to get my fanny on the fevil bike and cycle myself. But I seemed to have lost my energy ;)

Hugs, my friend!

Rob said...

Yeap. Bloc Party was amazing. I'd never seen a show where the band put out so much energy without really moving. And Holy Fuck was great. I now have 2 canadian bands i like. Whee! I agree..cycling was torturous and yet fun at the same time. Aaand yay for being DONE in a couple months!

Armand said...

Sharon: Once the self-loathing wears off, exercise bikes are kinda fun!

Rob: In two months... We GET THIS PARTY STARTED!