Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mar. 24

Mar. 24
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Today, my honey and I celebrated our two year anniversary. Well, in theory, we did. The actual celebrating won't come until we're in our new place.

Less than a week. Much excitement...

On the cancer front, three things to mention.
1. Last night I actually dreamt I was talking to my doctor, and she said my CT scan showed that I was in remission. I woke up very happy... Felt kinda crushed when I realized it was only a dream.
2. The lactose intolerance is pretty fucking nasty. I forgot about it, and had some hors d'oeuvres with cheese. I am now in pain.
3. I am getting pretty fatigued. I slept twelve hours last night, and was already ready to go to bed around 10 or so (which is unheard of, for me). I don't know what's causing it, given that my counts are (or were) back to normal. Then again, I have been going to the gym for two or three hours a day, every day since Friday. I may just be tired.


Tori said...

Ah! Happy anniversary!

deborah d. lattimore said...

happy anniversary! okay, you've motivated me to start working out again. damn you!! xoxox

S. F. Heron said...

Happy happy one to you both!!

Armand, chemo will just plain make you tired and it's cumulative. You're getting run down and that isn't always indicated in your counts. Cut yourself some slack and rest when you feel like it. I bawled like a crybaby the last 2 weeks of treatment, just because I'm a chick and I could ;) I felt weak in my head and body at the same time.

But you know what? You're getting down the road. Be careful with you and take good care of yourself.


Armand said...

Tori: Thanksies!

Deborah: Also, thank you! And I'm glad! I usually only motivate through fear and abuse, but I'm glad this worked too!

Sharon: Also also thank you! And hey, they say Boys Don't Cry, but if crying's good enough for Tony Soprano, it's good enough for me.