Thursday, February 26, 2009

Feb. 25

Feb. 25
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I'm all kinds of surly, today.

I wanted to blog last night, but... Okay, that's a lie. I did remember to blog, but I was already halfway into bed, and didn't actually want to, anymore.

Heard some interesting stats. According to a new study by the Canadian Cancer Something-or-Other (Society? Council? One of those), cancer prevention is much more effective than cancer treatment. 1/3 of cancers could be prevented if people would just stop smoking. [Not an issue]. 1/3 of cancers could be prevented if people maintained better diets, and exercised [Not a real pre-diagnosis issue]. That would mean that 1/3 of cancers occur just 'cause.

You know, I'm largely over the anger and/or cancer-related grief by now, but I still wish I had done something tangible, to get sick.

Yeah, I'm in a great mood.


Holly said...

hey - the other option is you could be more like me who blames herself for getting cancer by drinking occasionally and being overweight - breast cancer is driven by hormones which are stored in fat!! and yet, i continue to enjoy my cocktails and have yet to lose a is self loathing on top of cancer?? see...the grass can always be 'browner' ya 'A'-man!!

deborah d. lattimore said...

and there's always genetics. my biological mother and grandmother both had breast cancer and died when it spread to the bone. bitches! but now i worry about what i've given to my sons and maybe their kids eventually. it sucks.

i've read that we humans need to find logic in everything, especially the irrational. like cancer, religion, etc. animals don't bother with this shit. they just eat, sleep, have fun.

i used to wonder a lot about how i got cancer. i can list several things. but now i wonder why everyone doesn't have cancer. i fully expect everyone to eventually get it. having (had) cancer feels normal to me now and i know it can come back at any time. i'm just trying to be more like a happy dog now - eat, sleep, have fun. i just want to make it through chemo!!

love to you

Armand said...

Holly: Predictability would have at least made some sense. If I knew what to tangibly change in my life from now on, it would make me feel as though I'm at somewhat lower risk.

Deborah: Heh, I understand about genetics. I, however, have no direct family history of it. A couple of my grandmother's siblings died of cancer, but there hasn't been any occurrence in my direct familial line. As for expecting people to get cancer, well, apparently 1 in 3 people will be diagnosed with it in their lifetime... Eat, sleep, have fun.