Saturday, March 14, 2009

Mar. 13

Mar. 13
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Goodbye, mohawk.

Some of the until-recently-absent effects of chemotherapy started catching up with me all of a sudden. Primary, the hair loss. It's not drastic, but it's thinning above and beyond the natural "hey man, you're going bald, ha-haw!" rhythm. I guess it's to be expected. As of yet, I've still got fuzz on me scalp. I wonder what it'll be like in two months' time.

And by gee-dash-dee, I will be done in two months!


Holly said...

fuzz on me scalp - i love it matey!! grrrrrrr...all piratey now are ye??

Armand said...

Holly: Always been, always will be.

Holly said...

my tumor markers are up and i am freaking